Sunday, September 18, 2011

i made a BUTTON!

Thanks to the wonderful Ms. M on TBA, I created my own blog button!!! I don't think I've ever jumped out of my seat so high! I am so excited this worked!!! Okay, my name is Shana and I am OFFICIALLY a blogging ADDICT!

Look! Isn't it pretty?



  1. It is pretty and I am so happy were made all by yourself. Doesn't it make you feel so accomplished? It does to me. :)

    Ms. M

  2. Thanks so much! I do feel so accomplished, haha! My next big project is to learn to make my own background. I even have a visual in my head that I want to create! So excited!!! haha.

  3. Thank you! =) I'm so proud of it, haha.

  4. Welcome to the blogging word, Shana. It's VERY addicting :)
    Grade ONEderful

  5. Wait! I've been here before huh??

  6. Welcome to the BLOG world! I am following you now...I hope you will do the same for me:)

    The Schroeder Page

  7. This is my new project! I have been working on it for a bit! Where did you get the directions on how to do it? I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit me at my blog.

  8. Three things: 1. I have the same layout. :) Love it! 2. Great job on your button! I figured out how to make one too, but I'm not thrilled with my final product. Revisions are necessary! 3. Welcome to first grade! You will LOVE it! I certainly do!!


  9. Welcome to the blogging world.


  10. Thank you everyone for all the support!!
    Lori, tba had a how to post but I also just played around until I could find what I wanted.