Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Glyph

So it's finally here! I'm finally part TPT and trying to share my *ammature* teaching work with everyone. I've been working on this for an entire week longer than expected, but here it is! Hope you enjoy. I promise my next thing will be much better looking than this, but it's still a great resource and my students LOVED doing it. Check out my tpt and get your free apple glyph/book!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Help me get my business off the ground

Hi there! I finally finished setting up "shop" and I'm ready to sell, sell, SELL! I am a ThirtyOne gifts consultant! As a teacher, I obviously don't make much money, and now I'm being docked an extra $60/paycheck! I've tried to get an explanation but all my payroll lady keeps saying is "it's taxes". It's frustrating because I could really use that $60, but I'm trying to suck it up and understand. I'll be talking to my girl again on Monday. Anyhow, prior to learning about this paycut, I've decided on purchasing a new car! I'm not complaining about my small paychecks because I chose to be a teacher because I love it, not because I want money. So, here it goes, I'm working hard on selling these FABULOUS handbags and gifts from thirtyone and I would love if you would shop (and tell everyone and their mothers about me!) and help me get my goal. These bags are truely beautiful and I've been playing with my show set all the time. The bags are good quality (no lie, I'm a coach girl and I LOVE these bags) and there are so many to choose from. As a teacher, I love bags even more because I take things back and forth all the time. They have awesome personalization (gifts anyone) that is very decently priced. I'd love if you would take a look and let me know your thoughts. I wont be mad if you don't buy, but I'd be super happy if you'd just send the word around. Thanks a bunch!! You can find my store at Shana's Bags. If you have any questions, please comment here or shoot me an email at HAPPY SHOPPING!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Applesauce. Apple Glyph, Apple Poem... APPLES

This week was a short week at my school since today Is Yom Kippur. (Sometimes having holidays ALL the time benefits the tired teacher, haha). My students also filled up their Fish Bowls (an incentive chart that once they get 50 fish in their charts they get to have a party) so we had a party on Friday. I decided to turn our party into a complete learning experience. Since Fall is here and so much fun (by far my favorite season!!!) I decided to do a bunch of leaf and apple activities. Because of the religious factor of the school, I can't do pumpkins or anything related to Halloween. I can't even read my favorite "Charlie Brown's Halloween" that I used to read every year when I was in elementary school. This week we made an Apple Book. In the book we wrote a poem about picking apples, we included a recipe for applesauce and we made an apple glyph! I've decided I am going to give away my first Friday Freebie!!! I am going to put together a document on my Apple Books. I will hopefully have it completed by the evening but the Freebie Friday may become a Freebie Saturday. haha. Keep your eyes peeled (hehe, no pun intended) for my Apple Book if you're interested!