Saturday, September 17, 2011


My best friend in the whole wide world keeps telling me she can't see my pictures, so I'm going to put them all here. Enjoy! (I LOVE looking at other teacher's pictures, so please comment with your link if you have pictures!)

This is the view from my desk. My room is VERY narrow, but I deal.

 This is the most awesome investment ever! This shelf has all of the "extra" supplies. There are crayons, pencils, markers, etc. It has saved me SO much shelf space (as you can see, I don't have much space as is).
 Here's my desk space, or ask my coworker calls it "my office". HAHA! I love it. The door is directly in front of my desk.
 Great idea for a bulletin board! I have a laundry pin on each of those construction paper pieces. I but the kids work on it. This was before school started so there were no samples up yet.
 That door is the door between my room and the room next door. I have cubbies that break up the desk area and carpet/entrance.
 Here's my calendar board. It's not quite done, but there will be a months of the year and days of the week poster on it too.
 That's my working word wall! It say "surfin' spelling" and each letter is on a surfboard.
 Word wall and addition pocket chart. The easel is not there.
 There's a full room view. Yep, my room is THAT small!
 This is my pride and joy! My library <3. It's not much, but I love my little corner.
 My behavior chart. LOVEEE this.
 Job chart! It's hanging on one of the doors between my class and my neighboring class.
 This was in between organized and just walked into my mess. Believe it or not, this is half done!

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