Friday, October 7, 2011

Applesauce. Apple Glyph, Apple Poem... APPLES

This week was a short week at my school since today Is Yom Kippur. (Sometimes having holidays ALL the time benefits the tired teacher, haha). My students also filled up their Fish Bowls (an incentive chart that once they get 50 fish in their charts they get to have a party) so we had a party on Friday. I decided to turn our party into a complete learning experience. Since Fall is here and so much fun (by far my favorite season!!!) I decided to do a bunch of leaf and apple activities. Because of the religious factor of the school, I can't do pumpkins or anything related to Halloween. I can't even read my favorite "Charlie Brown's Halloween" that I used to read every year when I was in elementary school. This week we made an Apple Book. In the book we wrote a poem about picking apples, we included a recipe for applesauce and we made an apple glyph! I've decided I am going to give away my first Friday Freebie!!! I am going to put together a document on my Apple Books. I will hopefully have it completed by the evening but the Freebie Friday may become a Freebie Saturday. haha. Keep your eyes peeled (hehe, no pun intended) for my Apple Book if you're interested!

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