Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 1: Dear Diary...

If massively overwhelmed had a definition in the dictionary, my name would be the example. Today is the 7th, I go back to school the 22nd. I am going to see a doctor on Monday the 8th to to give me some shots to make the pain go away. I see my surgeon again on the 15th to start physical therapy. After the surgery I had just a little over a month ago, there's this miserable pain on my left side that puts tears in my eyes every time I turn, sit, stand, lay, walk, and move my left leg. I'm terrified I won't be ready to go back to work on the 22nd because of this pain which would be really bad. This is my first year as a teacher starting from the beginning. Last year even though I took over the first grade class in March, I don't look at that as any part of my first year because it was so disorganized and such a mess that I look at as more of a long term subbing job. Now I'm walking into this room with my ideas and only my ideas that have to be enforced. I'm excited, but again, overwhelmed. I have tons of ideas and I plan on implementing most, if not all, of my ideas, but they're like a big jumble in my head. I have a couple ideas for behavior management, classroom setup, a few different lessons, but where do I start? All I know for sure is my classroom is going to be FISHY THEMED! Can you tell I'm excited for that?


  1. Welcome to teaching. Think positive about what the doctors can do. I have been through the exact same thing when I was in my 20s, except the pain brought the surgery.

    Thank you for entering my Vocabulary Spelling City event. I do not see your follow me button. This is a common problem that happens on Blogspot.

    Have a great day, hope you are feeling better, and enjoy your first year of teaching.

    Welcome to the world of bloggging!

    ❤Vintage Teacher
    Vintage Teacher

  2. Thanks for the kind words :-) . I had surgery on my back for scoliosis when I was 15. Now I've been in a ton of pain, come to find out its because I have a fracture in my spine so i had to get surgery again. I'm very happy with my Dr, but pain stinks, haha. Anyway, hopefully you can come back and visit and the follow me button will be visible. I'm not too familiar with the blog world just yet, but I'm learning.

  3. That is so cool that you teach at an Orthodox school! I just got back from 2 and a half weeks in Israel, it was SO awesome! I hope you are feeling better and you're ready for the start of the new school year in a few days! Good luck girlie!!

    Miss Kindergarten